#AuthorToolboxBlogHop: Writing a strong first chapter

In previous posts, I wrote about the top reasons why submissions are rejected. These posts were written based on my experience as an editorial intern at Entangled Publishing. They were short and straight to the point. For Raimey Gallant's #AuthorToolboxBlogHop, I've decided to expand on some of those points - starting with the first chapter. In most … Continue reading #AuthorToolboxBlogHop: Writing a strong first chapter

Reasons why your submission was rejected (part 2)

In my last post, I mentioned some reasons for which submissions were rejected. Here are some others that have contributed to a rejection.   Problematic representation / Stereotypes: I think anyone keeping up with the industry is aware that people are being increasingly vocal about this issue. There was this one submission we received, it's the closest I've come … Continue reading Reasons why your submission was rejected (part 2)